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Radio and TV

Ellis Engineering provides full engineering services to the private two-way, cellular, PCS, trunking, SCADA, and paging industries.

Key Benefits

bulletEllis Engineering provides an unbiased, experienced opinion on private communication systems.  Ellis Engineering does not represent any equipment manufacturer or dealer.
bulletAll engineering work is completed by a Registered Professional Engineer familiar with all FCC rules and regulations.
bulletOver 35 years of troubleshooting experience generally allow quick resolution of equipment and coverage problems.


Ellis Engineering can design, repair, maintain, interface, and optimize your communication facility.  This is in addition to standard FCC applications and filings.

Capability 1
Ellis Engineering has the equipment necessary to perform complete spectrum field studies to determine problem with coverage and interference.
Capability 2
Ellis Engineering has the design software and terrain databases available to determine accurate system coverage, both in the talk-out and talk-in model.

Sample Composite Coverage Map

450 MHz System Composite Coverage Sample.jpg (464406 bytes)

Sample Comparison Between Two Different Coverage Models

Sample coverage Comparison Map for 450 MHz Paging System.jpg (456080 bytes)

Capability 3
Ellis Engineering routinely investigates allocation and frequency coordination problems and has a large body of experience in power waiver requests and US border protection documentation.
Canada Border Protection Sample
Canada_Protection_Drawing.jpg (100686 bytes)
Capability 4
Ellis Engineering routinely provides site management recommendations based on detailed studies of intermodulation possibilities, power levels, and antenna types.


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