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Radio and TV

Ellis Engineering provides full engineering services to the communication industries computer systems.

Key Benefits

bulletAll engineering work is completed or managed by a Registered Professional Engineer.
bulletOver 35 years of troubleshooting experience generally allow quick resolution of data transfer, computer hardware, and networking problems.


Ellis Engineering routinely provides maintenance to both the hardware and software of computer systems used in Radio and TV Broadcast and Private Communications systems.

Capability 1
Ellis Engineering has the equipment and personnel available to design, install, and maintain computers and networks based on DOS, Windows 95/98, Windows NT Server and Workstation, Netware Servers, and Linux Servers.
Capability 2
Ellis Engineering can provide system wide administration if desired.  This includes database maintenance and logon services administration on both small networks and large Enterprise Domain systems.
Capability 3
Ellis Engineering can provide and maintain specialized software to meet specific needs such as equipment interfacing, data formatting, and specialize databases for site managment.  This software is written in the most appropriate language.  Software has been supplied using DOS Basic, Visual Basic, and Visual C++.  This software becomes the property of the client.  Full documentation and source code is provided.


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