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Frequency Coordination:
Acquiring Frequency Assignments

EWA is an FCC-certified frequency advisory committee that coordinates on behalf of applicants seeking Commission authority to operate business and industrial/land transportation radio stations on frequency assignments allocated between 30-900 MHz.

How to Begin the Coordination Process
There are several ways to begin the coordination process. Electronic filing is available for all EWA clients through our online, automated frequency coordination software, at http://www.netlicense.org/. The resources listed below provide additional information and forms to help you begin the frequency coordination process.

FCC Form 601: Licensing/Frequency Coordination Worksheet (PDF)
This document includes a form and instructions for starting the Frequency Coordination process. Applicants may complete and fax their completed FCC Form 601 to EWA at 703.524.2057, or mail it to:

EWA Fee Schedule (PDF)

EWA Spectrum Management Department
8484 Westpark Drive, Suite 630
McLean, VA 22102

FCC Filing Fees
Click here for FCC Fees, effective August 10, 2004

Interference Mediation


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