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Radio and TV

Ellis Engineering provides full engineering services to the point-to-point microwave industry.

Key Benefits

bulletAll engineering work is completed by a Registered Professional Engineer familiar with all FCC rules and regulations.
bulletOver 35 years of troubleshooting experience generally allow quick resolution of interference and path reliability problems.


Ellis Engineering routinely generates FCC applications, designs and installation criteria, and detailed interference studies for the Microwave Industry form 950 MHz to 23 Ghz.

Capability 1
 Ellis Engineering can provide detailed path studies based on USGS terrain and vegetation data.  Then use this data to calculated fade margins and reliability figures based on climate and surrounding conditions.
Microwave Path Sample
  Sample_path_Study.jpg (62238 bytes)
Capability 2
Ellis Engineering can provide an interface to the Commissions licensing branch and can perform detailed analysis of interference to other services on the displacement frequencies.


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