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Radio and TV
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Radio and TV

Ellis Engineering has been involved in the Radio and TV engineering business for over 35 years.  We provide full consulting services to these industries.

Key Benefits

bulletAll engineering work is completed by a Registered Professional Engineer familiar with all FCC rules and regulations.
bulletWe are familiar with the intricacies of the daily operation of radio and TV facilities and how the various departments need to interface to provide the final on-air product.
bulletOver 35 years of troubleshooting experience generally allow quick resolution of audio, video, and RF transmission problems.


Ellis Engineering maintains full databases of all pertinent FCC allocation information.  The latest available communication software is used to analyze all types of coverage, interference, and allocation problems.

Capability 1
Federal Communication Commission Applications prepared by an experienced Registered Professional Electrical Engineer.  
FCC FM Radio Application Sample in Acrobat Version 4.0 [1.9 Mbyte] 
FCC TV Application Sample in Acrobat Version 4.0 [0.88 Mbyte] 

Capability 2
Allocation studies and coverage maps for the Radio and TV industry.
Sample FM Coverage Map
Sample_Coverage_Map.jpg (170137 bytes)
Sample AM Daytime Allocation Study
Sample_Daytime_AM Study.jpg (120067 bytes)
Capability 3
Coverage studies based on both FCC standards and detailed terrain, vegetation, and interference concerns.
Capability 4
Designs completed with complete layouts and equipment requirements.
Capability 5
Installations completed using the latest techniques and equipment.
Capability 6
Thorough familiarity with computer operating systems and years of computer maintenance allow reliable digital audio and video network designs.  Ellis Engineering is capable of handling network administration from a remote location on Windows NT and Netware systems.  Should you desire some specialized software, we can provide it to your specifications in DOS or Windows versions written in Visual Basic or Visual C++, depending on the requirements.


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