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Ellis Engineering provides full electrical engineering services to clients using radio frequencies in the communication industries.

Radio and Television Systems

Ellis Engineering provides full services to the radio and TV industries.  This includes maintenance, FCC applications, and studio and transmitter facilities design and construction. 


Two Way, Trunking, Cellular, PCS, SCADA, and Paging Systems

Ellis Engineering provides FCC applications, frequency coordination,  and detailed waiver requests to these communication industries.  We can provide system designs including coverage details and special antenna configurations.   We can provide an engineering interface between the private communications customer and the equipment suppliers in order to obtain the required communication objectives.


Microwave Systems

Ellis Engineering provides complete system and path design, frequency coordination, and system application on microwave systems from 950 Mhz through 23 GHz.

Satellite Systems

Ellis Engineering provides interference analysis, spectrum studies, and reception troubleshooting to satellite receive systems, both digital and analog.

Computer Systems

Ellis Engineering provides requirement analysis and system design of all types of computer systems for the communication industries.  This includes repair and maintenance of servers, workstations and LAN systems.  We can set up and maintain digital audio and video delivery networks based on DOS, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Netware, and Linux operating systems.

Power Systems

Ellis Engineering designs and installs communication backup power system.  These generally include UPS devices and AC generators of all sizes and types.



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